Consulting and Stewardship

Creation of Forest Management Plans, Implementation of Stewardship Programs and Tree Farm System Membership are services to foster action and responsible ownership of forested land in the Black Hills.

Precommercial Thinning

Forest enhancement and growth starts with proper tree spacing and increased ground moisture availability. We provide equipment and personnel to properly and safely thin trees while leaving the best trees with good genetic, form and vigor.

Land Use Enhancement and Wildlife Habitat Restoration

Best Management practices are employed at every level within Altergott Forestry and stand as the defining principle for execution of forest treatments. The forest has many uses and requires balance and forethought towards creating a sustainable and enjoyable experience for all types of use and the wildlife that need it to live , thrive and survive.

Forest Fuel Reduction

People have been effective at putting fires out, preventing natural forested environments to burn cleanly in normal fashion. Landowners are now faced with the reality that the forest is overgrown, unhealthy and is accumulating decades of burning potential. Reducing these materials by cleaning them up in a number of ways can greatly increase the probability of surviving a wildfire event and preventing catastrophic wildfire.

Whole Tree Removal

Certain circumstances require specific requirements to increasing “safe space” around structures, utilities and corridors. These areas require total removal of trees and tree material to provide effective results within the forest environment.

Whole Tree Chipping

Complete reduction of woody material into chips by use of large tree chippers effectively reduces fuel loading in the forest while providing necessary nutrients to percolate back into the soil. Total haul away is also available in urban areas with our chip bins and trucks.


Mature trees require removal to be utilized in best practices by our local saw mills. Providing a product from tree materials is key to sustainable forestry management.

Forest Pest and Weed Control

Forestry processes will sometimes incur unfavorable species of insects or disease. These areas need prompt attention with the correct mixture of management to reduce and eliminate these destructive forest pests. We have various pieces of equipment, extensive knowledge, and experience with combating these areas.

Firewise Programs

Altergott Forestry is happy to play a part in the education of fire prevention and safety! We participate in Firewise, a national program that educates communities on how to reduce the risk of wild land fires and igniting homes.

Landscape Restoration

Disastrous conditions exist in Mother Nature. We provide a number of plans and options to repair and replace vegetation and soil loss due to floods, wildfires, wind events, storm damages, and epidemic disease loss.

Fire Suppression

Wildfire suppression resources are on call 24/7 to support our local Black Hills National Forest, the Rocky Mountain Region as well as the National Forest system countrywide. Our resources include: Wildland Fire Engines, Heavy Equipment with Water, Fire break construction equipment and certified firefighting personnel.

Storm Damage Cleanup and Disaster Relief

Disaster relief is a priority for us as a nation with a variety of risks. Hurricanes , tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, fires, blizzards and droughts are all increasing in intensity. We provide 24 hour immediate response to an incident within the lower 48 states. Depending on the needs, a task force will be comprised of the necessary personnel and equipment to provide prompt and professional relief during the time of need.

Firebreak Construction

Living in the forested environment requires awareness and readiness to the present wildfire threat we face today. It requires extensive experience, knowledge and education as well as a multitude of specialized equipment that will create a “wildfire ready” environment around residential areas. Basic planning and management can provide for a safe and more aesthetically pleasing forest to reside in.

Powerline Vegetation Clearing

Energy utilities require space and constant management to provide energy across miles of open country. We provide cutting, chipping, mulching, piling and burning to keep these corridors clear of dangerous fall hazards, increase accessibility and maintain a clean and safe working environment.

Rx/Prescribed Burning

Planned and carefully executed open fire burning can greatly improve and sustain valuable vegetative species in a variety of circumstances. Proper timing, resources and weather are key factors in the success of “prescribed burning”.