At Altergott Forestry, we use state-of-the-art forestry equipment to achieve the results you want with minimal effects to surrounding areas.

Terex Track Loaders

Meet Rex, our multi-terrain forestry loader. This versatile machine allows for remote access to sites with a variety of heavy duty attachments.


Whole tree chipping is effecitve in fuels reduction and materical recycling. It is biologically great for soil enhancement. Accompanied by chipping trucks, total removal of materials is accomplished.

Mulcher Masticator

Timber stand improvement, fuels reduction, and habitat restoration is best accomplished by mastication of forest materials. A high speed grinding wheel with teeth is applied to to areas of heavily loaded fuels or overly stocked standing trees. The ground up materials are deposited directly to the forest floor to reduce the spread of weeds and provide immediate nutrient deposition to the soil.

Dozer / Blade

Ingress/egress and drainage topography greatly indluence a property’s value. Applications of dozers and graders can dramatically improve movement of water and ease property access.

Transport and Haul Away Trucks

Planting tress? Haul away dirt? Brush, rocks, and stumps? Our four-wheel drive dump trucks provide access to any need you may have.

Sheering / Bunching

Thinning and clearing of trees can be done with precise sheering and bunching equipment to make skidding and removal a clean and productive process.

Tree Spade

Have a tree you need removed or planted? Site reclamation can be accomplished on any aspect.

Fire Skidgine

A custom wildfire machine exclusively built to access difficult terrain and provide fire suppression. Anywhere, Anytime when duty calls, this type 2 super skidgine can get you water on the FIRE!

Wildland Fire Engines

Specific to the cause of fire preparedness, awareness and suppression, these fire engines are called upon to fight the front line of wildfires local or nationwide.