Roosters Fund

To provide relief funding toward pet after care services for those families needing assistance after losing their beloved dogs.

The Story:  Rooster, a Wisconsin born puppy and American cocker spaniel, came into this world in 2003.  At an early age, Rooster displayed a seemingly human-like personality.  He took to people all around him and followed them closely, never wanting to miss out on an adventure or a treat.  As he grew and years went by, he traveled everywhere with his owner Adam.  Rooster experienced countless times fishing, boating, hunting, hiking and camping outdoors.  His adventures would take him to the Black Hills where he would climb through caves, travel down streams, up mountains and even onto wildfires!  Almost 14 years later, Rooster would come to be well known as a loyal logging companion to his owner and a gentle friend to all who met him.  His addictive personality and loving attitude left an impression on people’s hearts.  Rooster lived a lifelong adventure while marching alongside his owner, his master, his best friend.  

In February 2017, Rooster’s life ended when he passed away due to injuries sustained after a vehicle struck him.  The loss was tragic and heartfelt by many who cared deeply for him.  He will be greatly missed, never forgotten and always loved.